Pratibha Saunshimath

Pratibha Saunshimath’s cancellation and refund policy

Thank you for registering with us. We are always committed to providing the best opportunities to all those who partner with us and pride ourselves with the quality of our events. However, due to any unforeseen circumstances, if any alterations deem necessary, the following clauses will prevail:

  1. All event ticket sales and registration amounts are final. There would be no discount applicable for any event.
  2. If the event is rescheduled by the organisers, the assurance is provided that the registrants would be informed of the same and all arrangements would be made accordingly.
  3. If any event is cancelled by the organisers, the registration amount would be fully refunded. This would be applicable only if the event will not be rescheduled to any later date. 
  4. If any registrant is unable to attend any scheduled event and wishes to drop out, there would be no refund of the registration amount. The decision would then lie entirely with the registrant if they would still continue with the cancellation or not.
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